Corridor Protection

Corridor protection is a legal process (Illinois Highway Code 605 ILCS 5/4‐510) designed to establish the approximate locations and widths of the rights of way for future additions to the State highway system. Corridor protection informs the public and prevents costly and conflicting development of the land involved. Once a corridor is established, IDOT performs a survey and prepares a map showing the corridor and approximate right of way needed for the future highway. This map is available for viewing at the public hearings. Then the map, with any changes resulting from the public hearings, will be approved and filed in the office of the recorder in all counties in which the corridor lies. All owners of record of the land identified within the proposed right of way will be notified individually within 60 days of the filing.

After these notices are given, the property owners are not to begin improvements or developments without giving IDOT a 60-day advance notice. After receiving notice from a property owner, the department then has 45 days to decide whether or not to buy the right of way and an additional 120 days to complete purchase or start condemnation. If the property owner builds an improvement without giving such notice, the department does not have to pay for the improvement when the right of way is acquired.

The Corridor Protection Map as presented in the August 21 and August 22 Public Hearings is available here.

Corridor Protection Map

Corridor Protection
Property Owners Improvement Process

Corridor Protection - Property Owners Process